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No More Hiring Mistakes Interviewing the Right Way

Benefits of This High-Impact Report:

Hiring is the most important thing we do in our organizations. Wouldn't it be great if you could dig deeper into a candidate's personality during the interview and find out what makes that person tick ... before you hire? Now, you can.

Whether you're an experienced or novice interviewer, you will benefit from these techniques and will be able to use them immediately in your next interview. Here are ten things you will immediately be able to take-away and apply to your hiring process:

  1. How come the “best applicants” turn out to be the ones who cause the most problems
  2. 4 questions to ask yourself before beginning an interview
  3. Keys to using the job application as an effective screening tool
  4. How to get useful information from references
  5. Vision of what the best and worst employees look like
  6. Specific ways to search for passion
  7. One great question you will use in every interview
  8. The facts behind the 5 most common myths about interviewing
  9. How to create a system that eliminates bad hires
  10. Why you should never interview from a resume – and what to do instead


We're so confident you'll get what you want out of this conference that we'll refund every penny if you're not completely satisfied. No questions asked! It's 100% risk-free!

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